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Kids Castle in Doylestown closing -- for good?

Published On: Mar 22 2013 08:00:00 PM EDT   Updated On: Mar 25 2013 08:17:10 AM EDT

Kids Castle in Doylestown in Danger


The Kids Castle Easter egg hunt is a yearly tradition in Bucks County, but organizers warn it could go away forever if donors don't step up to help renovate the popular attraction.

It's the ultimate scavenger hunt.

"Thousands of children here at Kids Castle," said parent John Palovchak.


Ten thousand eggs -- filled with candy -- all up for grabs.

"It's very fun," said John's daughter, Alena.

This is the annual Easter egg hunt at Kids Castle in Doylestown.  Think of it like a smaller Disney World castle.

"At least 10 years we've been coming," said Palovchak.  "Every year."

But after today, the gates will close.

"We are officially closing Kids Castle at the end of the event," said egg hunt coordinator Rebecca Nixon.

The castle is a victim of its own popularity.

"It's weathered," said Palovchak.

"It's been here for almost 16 years," said Kids Castle publicity coordinator Michelle Roemer-Schoen.

So once all the eggs are collected, Kids Castle will close.  For how long, depends on you.

"We need to raise $150,000 by March 31st," said Roemer-Schoen.

That would allow Kids Castle to re-open by June -- peak season.  Currently, they've raised almost half that amount.

"The structure of the castle is fine, but because of all the years of kids and parents and people going through the castle, it needs to be redone," said Roemer-Schoen.

The kids are already doing their part.

"I love it," said Eli Moore of Doylestown.  "I loved it when I was younger, I loved it when I was older than younger, and I love it now!"

Eventually the goal is to raise half a million dollars to place new structures around Kids Castle. 

They're hoping finding the money is easier than finding all these eggs.