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Heat won't stop Sportsfest

Published On: Jul 18 2013 08:00:00 PM EDT   Updated On: Jul 19 2013 08:03:38 AM EDT

Heat won't stop Sportsfest

Even though the heat is unbearable at times, athletes at one of the Lehigh Valley's largest sporting events say, "Game On!"

SportsFest started Thursday morning.  The young athletes say they're ready to play no matter how hot it gets.

All the events are complete for day one, and when Mother Nature cranks up the heat Friday, athletes say they will be ready.


Many are driving from all distances to play in the 17th Annual Lehigh Valley SportsFest.

"First year here it's a lot of fun," said Jonathan Walmach, from Brodheadsville. "Just hanging out with the guys."

The one thing some tennis players didn't count on: the heat.

"Not at all especially up in the 90's," added Jonathan White, also from Brodheadsville. "I didn't expect that up here at all and definitely the humidity gets to you too."

When the sun is shining down hard, players say the only thing to do is wipe the sweat and stay hydrated.

For some, that means longer water breaks.

"In like the fall or winter I'll get a sip really quick," said Walmach. "But it will be try to milk it for as long as possible when I get water you know."

Players say it doesn't matter if you bring water or a sports drink.

The key is to drink plenty of fluids if you are going to stay at the top of your game.

"You got to stay hydrated through it," added Walmach. "It can affect you mentally too. You are just kind of making up excuses as you go."

Many players say they will be sweating a lot as they try to win.

That's why they need skill and plenty of liquids during this heat wave.

"If you don't, then you get fatigued really quickly," said White.

The staff at SportsFest also has water at the 13 different sites where athletes will be competing to make sure everyone has plenty to drink.