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Few believe North Korea will risk war with U.S.

Published On: Mar 28 2013 08:00:00 PM EDT   Updated On: Mar 29 2013 05:40:07 PM EDT

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said his rocket forces are ready to settle accounts with the U.S.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said his rocket forces are ready to settle accounts with the U.S. 

The latest threat came after U.S. stealth bombers took part in joint military drills with South Korea. 

State media reports that Jong Un called an urgent meeting of senior generals and ordered his forces to be on standby. 

The North also released a photo of Kim in front of a map that read, "U.S. Mainland Strike Plan." 

The White House said the latest threat only deepens North Korea's isolation from the world, but they're concerned about the recent rhetoric.

"My concern is not a war by choice that someone would deliberately enter. I worry about people messing up," shared Jim Walsh, from the MIT Security Studies Program. "That there is a mistake, a misperception, an accident, miscalculations and something small turns into something big."

He agrees with folks in the area that the North's bark is worse than its bite.

"No, I think it's just like an angry child," said Bob Mahar.

"He's trying to assert himself and he's just basically like a kid in a playground," added Kendall Wilson. "He just wants to be the big kid on the block."

"It's really easy to put marks on a map; it's really difficult to get a missile to them," explained Mahar.

South Korean military officials said they're monitoring if North Korea is preparing its short, medium and long range missiles.  Few believe North Korea will risk a full out war.

"I'm not overly concerned because I have a lot of faith in our defense, in our military," said Wilson. 

"I don't think they have the capabilities to do anything and actually, I don't think they have the ability to really do any harm to us," shared Mahar.  "It's all just a lot of bluster from what I can tell."

"They're not going to pull the trigger, the fundamentals have not changed, these are the core facts," described Walsh.  "North Korea is the weaker of the two military powers between North Korea and South Korea, If there was a war, North Korea would lose, lose badly, the Kim regime would end as we know it, North Korea would end as we know it. North Korea does not want that to happen."

North Korea has canceled the agreement they made with us that ended the Korean war and has cut all communications hotlines with US forces, the United Nations and South Korea.