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Dog of good Samaritan killed on I-78 will be returned to family

Published On: Dec 27 2012 07:00:00 PM EST   Updated On: Dec 28 2012 10:34:59 AM EST

One man is trying to bring a little comfort to a family after their loved one died doing a good deed.


One man is trying to bring a little comfort to a family whose loved one died doing a good deed.

Richard Helms was trying to help people who were in an accident on I-78 when he was hit by an SUV Wednesday night. Helms' dog, Rancid, was still in his car.

Joe Krieble, a tow-truck driver called to the scene, said he couldn't even think of letting police take the dog to Humane Society kennel.


Krieble loves animals and wanted to find a way to get Rancid back home. It was a feat he accomplished Thursday night, less than 24-hours after the crash.

"I just couldn't see him going to a shelter after what he's already been through," said Krieble.

The accident happened in the left lane of I-78. A witness, Helms, 60, of Cincinnati, Ohio, tried to help, but according to police, he was struck by an out-of-control SUV.

Helms' dog, Rancid, was in the car the whole time.

“Officer said the vehicle needed to be towed and that there was still a dog in the vehicle,” said Krieble.

Krieble said he doesn't know why it happened, but once he saw the dog he knew he could not let police take him to the Humane Society.

“He needed some love and attention instead of just being thrown into a crate of some place,” said Krieble.

Krieble, an animal lover with two dogs, knew he had to get Rancid back to his family. So, after making some calls Thursday and caring for the dog, Krieble got news that Helms' family will come and get Rancid.

“He's an old boy, but he's still got some spunk in him," said Krieble.

Krieble said he and the dog have developed a bit of a bond, but he knows Rancid needs to be with others who love him and need him most.

“Unfortunately, they lost a loved one. They're not going to lose this one,” he said.
Helms' brother will pick up Rancid Friday afternoon.