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Dog Left In Hot Car Honks For Help

Published On: Aug 25 2011 03:10:50 PM EDT   Updated On: Jul 09 2010 06:24:52 AM EDT

As we deal with these dog days of summer, pet parents are urged to take precautions.

But one local Labrador helped himself get out of a scorching situation by taking matters into his own "paws."

Eleven-year-old Max is not just a dog. He's like another member of Donna Gardner's family.


You have to know Max, said Donna. He's a very smart dog and he just does things that I don't think a normal dog does all the time.

The chocolate lab proved that a couple weeks ago.

Donna ran an errand and took Max with her.

When she came home a short time later, she went inside the house, forgetting Max was still in the car.

I came in and started cleaning and about an hour later I heard a horn blow, said Donna.

She went outside, but didn't see anybody.

So, I came back in the house and I started cleaning again and the horn blew again, said Donna.

This time, Donna saw Max sitting in her driver's seat.

I rushed over and got him out real fast and he was panting like crazy, said Donna. I brought him in the house and he just dropped to the floor.

Donna gave him water and cooled him down with cold, wet rags.

Her daughter called the vet, who tells us Max was a little weak, a little slow but otherwise okay.

Number 1: Max saved his own life by honking the horn to get himself out of a very very overheated car, said Nancy Soares. Number 2: The Gardners are such good pet owners that they looked at him first. They managed to get his temperature down a little bit before they got here.

I don't know whatever made me forget he was with me, said Donna.

Meantime, Donna said she'll never make that mistake again.