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Copper thieves run amok in Muhlenberg Township

Published On: Dec 13 2012 07:00:00 PM EST   Updated On: Dec 13 2012 11:52:27 PM EST

Copper thieves run amok


Muhlenberg Police are on high alert for some crafty copper thieves running amok throughout the township.

"These people are going full board to get what they want. They don't care what they damage or how they do it," said Ofc. Joel Marino.

The criminals are targeting vacant homes for sale in the Hyde Park, Cherokee Ranch and College Heights sections, police said.

The burglars are cutting the realtor lock boxes with bolt cutters, and once inside they cut copper pipes from the basement and under the sinks, causing thousands in damages, investigators said.

Neighbors say they were stunned.

"It's frustrating because a lot of us are working hard to get everything for our families, and then to have people take advantage of that is very frustrating," said Laurie Drake.

"I just think it's terrible around Christmas time. Because it's a holiday and people what to have nice stuff," said Tim Zieber.

Now police are asking everybody all across the township keep the eyes peeled for these criminals.

"Help us out," said Marino. "If you see something. Call it in. Hopefully it won't be your house getting done in by the burglars."

If neighbors see large amounts of copper sticking out of vans or inside of cars, police are asking those residents to take down the license plate number, and call the information into police.