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Company to Make Documentary about Freddy Awards

Published On: Feb 29 2012 02:49:33 PM EST   Updated On: Nov 22 2010 10:44:54 AM EST
March 12, 2008 -

You've seen the Freddy Awards right here on WFMZ-TV, but you've never seen what goes on behind the scenes until now. An LA production company is working on a documentary featuring the Freddy's. WFMZ's Stephanie Esposito has the story.

Shelley 12:51 "It was just a surreal experience when they called us and said we think this would be a great documentary, it was like 'hello?' "

>>REPORTER: Canyon Back Films based in Los Angeles stumbled upon a clip of the Freddy awards on YouTube.


Christopher 6:22 "I couldn't even decipher what the clip was! It looked like a rock concert but there was a show tune coming from the stage. Then as the close up moved in I saw it was a high school kid and I was completed baffled!"

>>REPORTER: After a little research they realized the Freddy Awards are unlike any other.

Christopher 9:47 "There are some shows that do give awards to high school musical theatre but none of them are televised and WFMZ is really a trail blazer in that and that really made a big difference for us in terms of roling us in to the documentary."

>>REPORTER: 27 High Schools in the Lehigh Valley and Warren County, New Jersey are participating the in 2008 Freddy's.

Matthew 4:04 "This incredible professionalism and to see the things they're doing and here they are in the lehigh valley and the surrounding area and we found that very inspiring."

>>REPORTER: The goal of the documentary is to capture the hard work and dreams that high school students put into getting this unique award.

Christopher 8:46 "Hopefully we'll be able to tell some stories that really reflect a universality that kids all around the country will be able to see themselves in these stories."

(Nat sound) The documentary will be complete in about a year. Stephanie Esposito, 69 News.