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Charlie's out. Sandberg is in

Published On: Aug 16 2013 10:02:39 PM EDT   Updated On: Aug 16 2013 10:55:32 PM EDT

The Phillies shake things up at the top.

The Phillies shake things up at the top. Manager Charlie Manuel is out, and a familiar face from the IronPigs' dugout is in.

At Starters Pub in Bethlehem, Phils fans had a lot to say about the mid-season Manager change-up from Charlie Manuel to Ryne Sandberg.

"I'm all for it," said Martin Adams. "The Phillies had to do something, they were dead."

"I didn't expect them to do it in the middle of the season," added Daniel Kostelnick. "But I was pretty sure that he was going."

"I think they're cleaning house now," shared David Polak. "I think they just want to rebuild and start from scratch next year, new manager, new players."

Sandberg was named the third base coach for the Phillies this year after managing the Iron Pigs for two seasons. This will be his first crack at being a major-league manager. Right now he's the team's interim manager for the remaining games.

"When they took him and put him from Iron Pigs over to the Phillies I thought, oh that's a great move, don't lose this guy he's going to be a great manager," explained Adams.

"I think he did well with the Pigs," Jacqueline Kostelnick said. "And I think he'll do well down there too."

"That's probably why they brought him up in the first place, to take over for Manuel," Daniel surmised. "So yes, I think he will continue and I think they'll sign him full time."

Manuel has been with the franchise for the last 9 seasons, and just this week he helped the team deliver his 1,000th career win. Sealing his legacy as the Phillies' winningest manager.

"No manager lasts forever," said Daniel. "After a while when things start going downhill, of course the manager is the first guy to go."