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Anchors Away: Bethlehem Library

Published On: Aug 15 2011 11:44:13 AM EDT   Updated On: Mar 08 2010 08:17:45 AM EST

For this Anchor's Away, Rob and Wendy volunteered at the Bethlehem Area Public Library. They learned there's a lot more to it than just putting books back on the shelves.

In the underground belly of Bethlehem's Public Library, you'll be better served by a credit card, than a library card..

"We have six book sales a year. Last year we raised over $72,000." says Lisa Holzinger of the Library.


In this haven for lovers of all things literary you can peruse the classics and earn your volunteer stripes at the same time!

Rob and Wendy's marching orders: sort, stack and make sure no gem goes undiscovered. But there's more than jut helping with the book sales...

"The books that come back in.. they re-shelve them....We have some that check the videos and the DVD's and the music." says Holzinger.