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Allentown Health Bureau offering free radon test kits

Published On: Jan 10 2014 05:13:30 PM EST   Updated On: Jan 10 2014 06:10:52 PM EST

There's something that's easy to do that can alert you to a potential health risk in your home.


January is National Radon Action Month, and the Allentown Health Bureau is making it easy for you to take action to keep your family safe. It's offering free radon test kits to anyone.

"High levels of radon in your house are known to cause lung cancer," said Jeff Stout, with the Allentown Health Bureau.

"It's really a foil pack that you simply open and set it on a surface on the lowest lived-in portion of your home and let it alone for three to seven days before you seal it back up and send it in," he explained.


Stout said winter is an ideal time to test your home for radon because it's closed up.

"Radon is very easy to ignore because it's a colorless, odorless gas, you would never know that it was in your home unless you did the testing," he said.

If your test shows your house has an elevated radon level, it's important to call a professional to help remove the radon from your house.

Chad Flakker, with E-Z Gone Radon, said he sees a variety of radon levels across the region.

"Every home should be tested," Flakker said. "A level 20 radon in your home is like smoking a pack of cigarettes a day."

He performs work on houses, including installing a pipe to direct the radon out of the home.

"We're sealing the basement floor," he said, "and we're sucking air from it so we're hoping to catch the radon before it permeates through the floor into your house."

The Allentown Health Bureau has a limited supply of the radon test kits. To get one, fill out at a coupon at one of the health bureau offices, either at City Hall, 435 Hamilton St., or Alliance Hall, 245 N. 6th St. You must fill out the coupon to pick up a kit.

You can also print out a coupon on the city's website to take with you. Look for the link to the right of the homepage.

The Allentown Health Bureau recommends calling 610-437-7759 to make sure it has kits left.