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    Black Friday: Mostly sunny but cold. High: 36

    Tonight: Clear to partly cloudy and cold. Low: 17

    Saturday: Mostly cloudy and chilly with a flurry/sprinkle. High: 38 Low: 31

    Even with the help of mostly sunny skies today's highs will still remain 10 to 15 degrees below average and only reach the mid and upper 30s. Overnight look for the clouds to increase as a warm front approaches the region. The increase in clouds should help to hold temperatures steady after midnight, but that still won't stop them from dipping into the teens in many locations. Saturday will be a rather cloudy day as the warm front lifts to the north. The passing of this front may also spark up a few flurries (or sprinkles to the south), but they won't amount to much. Highs on Saturday will still be in the 30s, but with the aforementioned front off to our north on Sunday the region will be able to tap into some of that warmer air as highs top out near 50 degrees. Along with the warmer temperatures Sunday will feature mainly cloudy skies.

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    On this day: November 28

    Magellan reaches the Pacific, William Shakespeare gets hitched, the Grand Ole Opry debuts, Olympic gymnast Nadia Comaneci defects, and Jeffrey Dahmer is killed in prison, all on this day.