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    Tonight: Increasing clouds with a bit of snow, sleet, and rain towards dawn. Low: 31

    Monday: Snow, sleet and rain ends early; then breezy and milder with cloud breaking for some sun. High: 55

    Monday Night: Mainly clear and breezy. Low: 32

    Tonight the clouds will increase and towards daybreak tomorrow we will have showers in spots as our next cold front approaches from the west. With temperatures falling into the low 30s not only will snow and sleet be possible, but any rain could freeze on contact. Thankfully we're not look at less than a .10" of precipitation overall.

    Those mix precipitation showers will continue through Monday morning, but are expected to taper off during the afternoon. That's when skies will begin breaking for some sunshine and winds will pick up. However, it will be warmer on Monday with highs reaching into the mid 50s.

    Tuesday will be a bit cooler as a clipper-like system approaches from the northwest to give us another round of rain or snow showers, mainly in the afternoon. Clearing skies will move in by Wednesday as temperatures begin their warming trend.

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